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Chistoprudny Boulevard

Chistoprudniy Boulevard is the largest and second longest (822 m).

The Boulevard was constructed after the 1812 fire On the Boulevard there is a cascade of ponds (formerly Filthy ponds). From time immemorial Pure ponds were a favorite place of recreation for Muscovites. Interesting houses on Chistoprudny Boulevard:

- The house of the merchant Gusyatnikoff - the building of the cinema «Colosseum», the theatre «Sovremennik»;
House with mezzanine (Estate of E. P. Kashkin, A. A. Durasova);
- The alms-house postal and Telegraph office;
- Apartment house Trinity Church in Gryazi, popularly known as the «house with animals».

The building is decorated with fantastic beasts in the style of the bas-reliefs of the Dimitriev Cathedral of Vladimir. Along the Boulevard you can take a tour on the legendary tram «Annushka».