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The history of the building of the hotel «Hermitage»

Durasovsky lane is located in the Basmanny district, on the territory of the Central administrative DISTRICT of Moscow between the Pokrovsky Boulevard and the street Vorontsovo Field.

At different times the alley had different names, mostly associated with names of homeowners as a foreman in. and representatives of an ancient noble family Durnovo.

House No. 3 in the nineteenth century was a lodging house (built by the architect M. A. Petrov, 1907).

House # 5 - apartment house F. Starikov (built by the architect V. I. Myasnikov, 1904).

House No. 7 - mansion V. K. Baev 1909-1910, built by architect I. S. Kuznetsov for the co-owner of the Shoe company «I. D. Baev sons».

Four-storey stone mansion designed in a simple classic style, with straight rows of Windows and classical portico with columns on the second floor.

The house is famous because in it lived a famous artist Viktor Deni, the author of political posters during the civil war.