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Pokrovsky Boulevard

Pokrovsky Boulevard is part of the Boulevard ring, is named for the street Pokrovka and Pokrovsky gates of the White city.

The wall of Bely Gorod was demolished in 1760 year, the Boulevard was arranged in the 1820-ies after the fire of 1812, then he started from Durasovskom lane, the Pokrovsky barracks. Pokrovsky Boulevard You can remember the famous movie M. Kozakov «Pokrovsk gate», walk past the house with the unicorn and the Chimera, which became the prototype of the house where Mikhail Bulgakov settled his Margarita, to visit the archaeological Park amphitheatre «a fragment of the walls of the White city on Khokhlovskaya square.»

Pokrovsky barracks (Pavlovo and Dzerzhinsky) (No. 3) built in 1798-1801 years by the project of an unknown architect, reconstructed by the project of Domenico Gilardi.

The building in the classical style with a massive portico of the Tuscan order, and a pediment with the image of the eagle and military symbols.

Milyutinskiy garden (former garden land survey office), the historic city garden, located in the historical district of Ivanovo slide within the White city. The garden went on Pokrovsky Boulevard, but was closed to the public. To go into it was only possible through the court of Chancery. This passage has been preserved until now.

Address Pokrovsky Boulevard: Moscow, Pokrovsky Boulevard.