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The Boulevard ring

Boulevard ring appeared in place of the dismantled walls and towers of the White city.

At the end of the XVIII century the wall was demolished and in its place set up the boulevards. On the fortress towers of the White city now resemble the names of squares between boulevards (Pokrovskie Vorota, Sretenskii gate, Butcher gate, Prechistenskie gate, Arbat gate, Peter's gate, Yauzskie Vorota).

Interesting facts about Boulevard ring:

the ring is not closed
the longest Boulevard-Tverskoy
- the wide Boulevard-Passionate
is the short Boulevard and Sretensky
- the «young» Boulevard of intercession.

Address Boulevard ring: Moscow, Soymonovsky travel (sometimes ranked as the ring), the Prechistenskie Vorota Square, Gogolevsky Boulevard, Arbat area, Arbat Square, Nikitsky Boulevard, the Nikitskie Vorota Square Tverskoy Boulevard, Pushkin square, Passionate Parkway, the Petrovsky Gates Square, Petrovsky Boulevard, Trubnaya square, Rozhdestvensky Boulevard, Sretensky Gates Square, Sretensky Boulevard, Turgenevskaya square, square Butcher's Gate, Chistoprudny Boulevard, the Area of Pokrovsk Gate, Khokhlovskiy square, Pokrovsky Boulevard, Yauzsky Boulevard, Yauzskie Vorota Square.